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Wedding Video Services

Wedding Video Prices:
$1,200 Single Camera
$1,800 Dual Camera

At your wedding, we feel our role is as observers, not participants.  Our videographers will be as discrete as possible.  Recording from the back of the church with a powerful lens gives the closeups you want without disrupting the reverent atmosphere.
We offer a single camera or a dual camera option.  With the single camera option we set up at the back of the church.  the videographer zooms in and out, and follows the action.  We use a wireless microphone to have clear audio of the service and your vows.  At the reception, we will cover all your events from your entrance, to your first dance, to tossing the bouquet.  This gives you complete coverage of your wedding day.
For a more elaborate video you may want to chose the dual camera option.  This allows a second camera to be at the front of the church providing closeups of the couple during the ceremony.  At the reception, it allows us to capture the events in more detail.
With either option, you will receive 4 copies on DVD, complete with titles and chapter menus.



"The day went so fast and even though you think you took it all in, it wasn't possible.  It is also so nice to just watch and remember.  What a wonderful keepsake.  Thanks for doing such a beautiful job." ~ Jill M.

* Prices are subject to change without notification.

Travel Fees;

Over 50 miles one way add $100

Over 100 miles one way add $100 plus Hotel room for night.

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